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The GS100 is the cream of the crop when it comes to solar panels. It boasts 18.3% module efficiency and is composed of 32 SunPower back contact solar cells. Compare that to standard crystalline modules with 14% to 16% efficiencies.


This panel has a very small footprint and fits into places other panels can only dream about. As for weight, this panel comes in at only 14.5 pounds! Another distinct advantage of the GS100 is its width of only 20.7 inches. This means you can fit it in between the roof air conditioner and the edge of the roof without suffering the power robbing effects of shade cast by that air conditioner.


The mono-crystalline, back contact cells on the GS100 means there are no grid lines blocking the sun's rays. It also means you can expect outstanding performance in both high heat and low light conditions.


Pmax = 100 watts @ maximum power

Vmpp = 17.7 volts @ maximum power point

Impp = 5.7 amps @ maximum power point 

Voc = 21.2 volts @ open circuit

Isc = 6.10 amps @ short circuit

Length = 40.8" (1037mm)

Width = 20.7" (527mm)

Depth = 1.38" (35mm)

Weight = 14.5 lbs. (6.6kg)


Note: Length is 44.175" with mounts installed

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