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We understand quality products are important to you and it's the most important thing to us (along with providing top notch customer service!).  While there are lot of cheap products out there, we don't use them because we want you to have a trouble free system that will last.  We are constantly looking at products to ensure we are providing you with the latest technology without sacrificing quality.  Our mission is to design a quality system that works for you today, tomorrow and for years to come.


Solar Panels - We utilize a variety of sizes of solar panels to meet the needs of your RV (ranging from 90 to 200 watts).  Many people want to maximize their roof space with as many panels possible and we will make sure to identify what we believe will work best.  Our solar panel installation will also include roof wiring (proprietary roof wire that is UV resistant to provide lasting production) and high quality stainless steel mounting hardware which will give you to the ability to tilt your panels if you desire (tilting bars required).  


Inverters We utilize Magnum and Xantrex inverters based on your power needs and available space in your RV.  We will recommend an appropriate inverter for you and your specific RV.  And yes, we do offer hybrid inverters!!

Batteries - We install AGM & Lithium Batteries, but if you have a sufficient wet cell battery bank, we will install solar to keep them charged.



While lithium batteries continue to come down in price, they still can be an expensive option. We have done extensive research in this area and offer the three options below which we believe to be some of the best, safest, and most cost effective.   

LiFeBlue Lithium Batteries:  This is our preferred lithium in most circumstances.  LiFe Blue Batteries have integrated BMS controls to automatically protect against overcharging, overly discharging, and frozen charging and come in 150ah, 200ah and 300ah options.  Additionally, they have bluetooth capability to check status from your cell phone. 

Relion Lithium Batteries:  Another great option that maintains a consistent power and is equipped with an M8 terminal type and a built-in battery management system (BMS).  We offer their 200ah and 300ah batteries.  


For a more budget friendly alternative, many people choose AGM batteries.  We offer Lifeline AGM batteries in 220ah and 300ah options.  AGM's are maintenance free and don't need to be vented like traditional wet cells.  They can be installed almost anywhere (under beds, stairs, etc.)


Other equipment we offer/install:  

  • Victron Charge Controllers

  • Victron Battery Monitors


Our vendors are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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